Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Columbus: 7th best city to conduct business

CNN named Columbus the 7th best city to conduct business. Here is an excerpt from the article:

'This state capital is one of two cities new to the top 10 this year, rising from 14th place a year ago with a 26-point gain.

The home of Ohio State University, Limited Brands (LTD) and Big Lots Inc. (BIG) also benefited from a broader survey of small-business figures. The city moved up 10 slots in that category.

And the addition of two financial firms, Diamond Hill Investment Group (DHIL) and ProCentury Corp. (PROS), to the Russell 2000 index helped Columbus surge 11 spots in that category.

The region has managed to avoid the Rust Belt troubles that hit other Ohio cities like Cleveland, said Steve Mangum, the interim dean of Ohio State's business school. Columbus has built an entire economy around the university -- the country's biggest by enrollment -- using its research and educational might to fuel various types of industry.

The university also is a cornerstone of Columbus residents' down time, bringing art and culture to the region, as well, of course, as the beloved Buckeyes football team.

Locals like the intimate nature of the city.
"It has a small-town feel to it, but it's the [30th] largest city in the country," Mangum said. "There's something about the spirit of this place."',-but-Twin-Cities-Still-Best-for-Business.htm.eml/Players-Shift,-but-Twin-Cities-Still-Best-for-Business.htm/C58EA28C-18C0-4a97-9AF2-036E93DDAFB3/Players-Shift,-but-Twin-Cities-Still-Best-for-Business.htm?attach=1

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